#1168 - Tammany

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  • Lyrics:
1) The lyrics describe the political climate in New York City.
2) These are legitimate examples of native american leadership.
3) Organ-grinders were often pictured as lower class immigrants. US expansion was responsible for violently displacing the native american population.
4) The Tammany Society, which adopted many Native American words and customs, was founded in the 1780s
5) Led by Aaron Burr, it was built into a political machine for the election of 1800.
6) In 1830, the headquarters was moved to Tammany Hall on West 14th Street, New York City.
7) New York City was the center for immigration, and dissatisfied refugees became a large political constituency.
8) Tammany Hall was synonymous with the Democratic Party political machine that controlled New York City politics.
9) Bribe money was received from the owners of brothels, saloons, and illegal gambling dens.
10) The head of Tammany rule was Richard Croker, who completely controlled the political machine.
11) In 1892 Reverend Charles Henry Parkhurst, known as the “Red Light Finder”, led the political battle to oust corrupt Tammany rule.
12) Parkhurst was accused of (or perhaps framed for) visiting the houses of ill-repute himself.
13) Anti-Tammany groups made some much-publicized discoveries, gained a Grand Jury investigation, and the appointment of the Lexow Committee.
14) A reform mayor was elected in 1894.
15) Tammany rule quickly returned, electing a Tammany governor in 1897.
16) Although Tammany rule had returned, it had undergone a “public” reform and would never regain its former corrupt power. Croker avoided prison and retired to a country life in England and Ireland.

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