See pictures below of a version designated 1g that has only been seen in an eBay auction photo.
Version 1f is a “very early” cob, conjectured to be the same pinning as the Black Label Cobs era.


1abcdef_1.jpg 1abcdef_2.jpg 1abcdef_3.jpg 1abcdef_4.jpg


The photo of version 1g is from an eBay auction and no original copy has been documented otherwise. It is compared here to a similarly oriented version 1.

1a, 1b, 1c compared

Versions 1a, 1b and 1c are very similar. Pin for pin duplicate copies of 1a and 1c have been found verifying that these are different pinning patterns. In addition to pin count differences, 1b has a few notes out of phase (stretch) compared to 1a and 1c (see arrows in the photo for examples). The copy of 1b pictured has a few pins missing but in most cases there is a small dent in the wood where the pin failed to install. The single pin that is circled on cob 1a does not appear in any other version. The note sounds about half way through and seems out of place in the arrangement. This appears to have been an error on the pinning pattern as the same pin is present on a duplicate copy of cob 1a.

error on cob 1a

Additional coppies of cob 1a have now been found including one on which the single pin error does not appear and another on which the error note has four pins. This suggests that in fact the metal pinning pattern was damaged and got progressively worse. Perhaps at some point a new pattern was made because of the error on the original.


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