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term list of Cobs Wikipedia definition
Anthem show Anthem
Bolero show Bolero
Cake Walk show Cakewalk
Clog show Clogging
Dance show Dance
Danzon show Danzón
Duetto show Duet
Galop show Galop
Gavotte show Gavotte
Hornpipe show Hornpipe
Hymn show Hymn
Intermezzo show Intermezzo
Jig show Jig
Lanciers show Lanciers
Lullaby show Lullaby
March show March
Mazurka show Mazurka
Minuet show Minuet
Ode show Ode
Overture show Overture
Polka show Polka
Polka Mazurka show Polka-mazurka
Polonaise show Polonaise
Quadrille show Quadrille
Quickstep show Quickstep
Racquet show 1)
Rag show Ragtime
Redowa show Redowa
Reel show Reel
Schottische show Schottische
Skirt Dance show 2)
Song show Song
Two Step show Two-step
Waltz show Waltz
Waltz Song show 3)
A particular Galop or Waltz popularized in the late 1880s.
Skirt dancing, a very popular vaudeville form of ballet steps and acrobatic kicks, was made famous by Kate Vaughan in the 1880s. See:
A Waltz with an emphasis on lyrics, rather than instrumental dance music.

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