#1130 - Dolly Grey

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  • Composer:
    • Paul Barnes, 1898
  • Also known as:
    • Good-bye Dolly Grey
    • Dolly Gray
  • Incipit: 3456713453456785432
  • Condensed Incipit: 3456713453456785432
  • Lyrics:

NOTE: Although a dropdown list of other songs for which Cobb supposedly wrote the lyrics will appear if you click on Cobb's name above, one song on that list, “When the Roses Bloom Again” on cob #402, is definitely not by Cobb. Although he did write lyrics to a song with the title “I'll Be With You When the Roses Bloom Again”, that song dates from 1901, which is much later in time than cob #402 would have been first issued. I have tried unsuccessfully to correct this error and am puzzled as to why I am unable to do so, because Cobb's name does not appear at all in the entry for cob #402 itself. (RD, 9/20/21)


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