#119 - Vienna Polka

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  • Composer
    • The entry for this cob in this Cobography previously gave the name of the composer of the piece on the cob as “Johann Strauss II”, but the piece is in fact an excerpt from a “polka schnell” (fast polka) by his brother Eduard titled “Wien Uber Alles” (“Vienna Over All”). The cob list in the World Manufacturing Co. brochure cited in the footnote below gave the composer's name merely as “Strauss”. For further information, see also the notes on this cob in “Dutton's Roller Organ Cob Handbook” elsewhere on this website. (Corrected by R.D., 2/26/21)
  • Incipit: 5313446543423
  • Condensed Incipit: 531346543423
  • Instrumental

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