#130 - The Hunter's March

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  • Composer:
    • Carl Faust (1825-1892), 18791)
  • The entry for this cob in this Cobography previously gave Faust's birth and death years as 1874 and 1935, which could not have been correct if he indeed composed the tune on this cob in 1879. The Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music by William H. Rehrig, edited by Paul E. Bierley (Westerville, Ohio, Integrity Press, 1991) contains a brief but detailed biography of Faust and instead gives his birth and death years as 1825 and 1892. (Corrected by R.D., 3/13/21)
  • Also known as:
    • Chasseurs March
  • Incipit: 515115131331331353
  • Condensed Incipit: 515151313131353
  • Instrumental

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