#144 - Darling Nelly Gray

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  • Composer:
    • Benjamin Russell Hanby (1833-1867), 1856
    • The entry for this cob in this Cobography previously gave the date of the piece as 1863. This is clearly incorrect, however, as there is a copy of sheet music for the piece with a copyright date of 1856 in the Historic American Sheet Music Collection in the Duke University Digital Collections. This copy may be viewed online at repository.duke.edu. (Corrected by R.D., 4/3/21)
  • Title variations:
    • Nelly Gray
    • Nellie Gray
  • Incipit: 7122327651234543222327546
  • Condensed Incipit: 7123276512345432327546
  • Lyrics:
    • Benjamin Russell Hanby (1833-1867), 1856

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