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#166 - The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane

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  • Composer:
    • arr. J.C. Chamberlain, 1875
  • Title variations:
    • The Little Log Cabin
  • Also known as:
    • The Old Log Cabin In the Lane
  • Incipit: 3455655331211651233336555234556553312116512353124321
  • Condensed Incipit: 345653121651236523456531216512353124321
  • Lyrics:
    • Grace Carleton, 1875
  • Lyrics:

#166 - The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane and #308 - Das Kleine Deutsche Heim (The Little German Home—German) are the same melody, but with different lyrics.

There are a large number of variations on this melody and theme, such as:

None of these exactly fit the melody, but J.C. Chamberlain's version appears to be the closest. William Shakespeare Hays's version was the most popular, and is known by the cob title, so it is likely that buyers expected that melody. Hays also composed a similar piece, #484 - The Little Log Cabin's the Home After All. A companion piece #284 - Down Among the Sugar Cane was also written by Charles Dupee Blake

(1846-1903) so it is possible the he also composed or arranged this title.


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