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#449 - Fan Tain March

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The entry for this cob in this Cobography previously did not include the name of a composer for the tune on the cob but contained a note at the end that read “This is a different melody than the earlier and more popular Fan Tan March (Chinese March Characteristique) written by Bert R. Anthony in 1900”. The tune on the cob is definitely by Franz von Suppe and appeared in his 1883 operetta “Die Afrikareise”, and while the note in the previous version of the entry was correct in saying that it is a different tune from the 1900 march tune by Anthony, Anthony's tune was neither earlier nor more popular than von Suppe's. For further information, see also the notes on this cob in “Dutton's Roller Organ Cob Handbook” elsewhere on this website. (Corrected by R.D., 2/26/21)


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