#723 - When we Reach our Home

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NOTE: The late Todd Augsburger's entry for this cob in the original version of this Cobography inexplicably referred to a sixteenth-century German hymn that appears to be a different version of the hymn on cob #703 and has a tune essentially identical to the tune on that cob. His entry read as follows:

      first published in Deutsch Kirchenamt, Strassburg, 1525
  Also known as:
      Herr, wie du willst (Lord, as Thou Wilt)
      Aus Tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir
  Incipit: 171221234321121171221234321121
  Condensed Incipit: 1712123432121712123432121
  Lyrics (Herr, wie du willst):
      Kaspar (Caspar) Bienemann (1540-1591), 1574
  Lyrics (Lord, as Thou Wilt):
      trans. Emanuel Cronenwett (1841-1931), c1880

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