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Explanation of Format

Pages providing cob information use the following format1):

#number - title

  • Composer:
    • the composer2)3) (composer lifespan), earliest known publication or copyright date4)
  • Title variations:
    • differences found on original labels or published tune lists
  • Also known as:
    • common or alternate song titles or melody names
  • Photos6)
  • MIDI file, with a link to show a folded graphical representation
  • Print a Label, on your own printer
  • Lyrics: presented as a folded section
  • Instrumental, if the title was originally released without lyrics
  • See also:
    • other cobs which have the same, a similar, or a related melody or name

other comments may follow …

All items are optional, presented only if known
Or other source of the melody
The composer will be presented as a folded list of additional cobs, if they are known
Or year of composition, if known
Early arrangements exist only for low-numbered cobs
Photos are usually provided only where different pinnings exist
Black label cobs exist only for very low-numbered cobs

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