#1094 - Jo Joutui Armas Aika (Finnish)

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  • Composer:
    • traditional Swedish
  • Title variations:
    • Zo Joutin Armas Aika 1)
  • Also known as:
    • Den Blomstertid nu Kommer (Swedish)
    • Now is the Season for Flowers
    • Now is the Time for Flowering
    • The Time for Flowers is Now Coming
  • Lyrics:
    • Israël Kolmodin (1643-1709), 1694
  • Lyrics:
    • Johan Olof Wallin, 1819
  • Lyrics:
    • (Finnish, trans. unknown), 1700
  • Excerpt:
    • (trans. unknown)

Jo Joutui Armas Aika is hymn #571 in the Finnish hymn book and is perhaps the most well-known hymn in Finland. The first three verses are sung at the spring celebrations of the Finnish schools.

Some brochures list this title as (Swedish).

Jo and Joutui are misspelled on both the cob label and in most brochures

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